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Role: Lead Songwriter / Composer / Arrangement / Keys / Guitar / Bass / Backing Vocals

Disconnected Souls is a musical project that strives to breakdown the barriers between genres. Initially, the project had a focus of combining metal with electronic and orchestral elements but the scope of genre blending is widening into other areas.
“Disconnected Souls released their debut EP 'Warring Elements' in March 2020 which received some incredible praise: "A Staggering Debut" ~ five stars from Planet Mosh. The project has also developed a tradition of releasing covers of Christmas songs every year. 2018 saw their debut with 'Walking in the Air', followed by Chris de Burgh's 'A Spaceman Came Travelling' in 2019. 2020's cover was Frankie Goes to Hollywood's 'The Power of Love', which received approval from the band's original guitarist Brian Nash.
The concept of Disconnected Souls was created by Matthew Fletcher (Fletch) around 2014 as a potential side project to his then current band, Curse of Dawn. After that group disbanded focus turned to DS. Patrick Lloyd and Tim Jenkins, both keen to get into a musical project, became involved with Fletch. Holly Royle joined in January of 2018 finalizing the line-up of Disconnected Souls.
Disconnected Souls are currently working on new music with the release of a double album in their sights over the next couple of years.”

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Role: Keys / Synth / Production

The band’s name, Sensory Enigma, derives from the title of a poem written by Holly. The idea behind the title and original poem is of exploring the world through stimulation of the senses. Music plays a significant part in this and the progression of these notions from poetry to music appeared to be a logical step in further expressing these ideas through artistic forms.

Both Holly and Matthew are encompassed in the world of music - they are currently also involved in the progressive metal band Disconnected Souls. Their love of the Gothic, experimenting with song-writing and synths led to these aspects gaining significance in Sensory Enigma. Inspired by the minimalist instrumentation of Night Club and more recently Billie Eilish, along with the Gothic elements of The Birthday Massacre and Emilie Autumn, Holly and Matthew decided to take this on board with their own song writing. The creepy, Gothic vocals featured in Night Club, along with the vocal style of The Birthday Massacre.

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Songwriter / Keys / Guitar / Backing Vocals

Curse Of Dawn were a melodic metal band from Chester, UK. They were a popular band who played many shows with the North West/Wales and released one EP: “No Rest” which was well received by the metal community.

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The Nottingjam Orchestra: (Folk/Punk/Ska/Eclectic)
Deploy The Mammoth (Noise Metal / Cyberfolk / Neonderthrall)
Illuminatus: (Concept Progressive Metal Album)
Curse Of Dawn, Twilight's Gift, Fletch 'N, Wenches, The Order Of Swing, Galleymen, Stockholm Syndrome, Stillborn, Pig In A Blender, Slow Self Destruction, 100,000 Days, Public Outcry, DBS Gaming Studios, Rejecting The Assembly Line, Nuclear Hellstorm, Blissful Event Of The Defining Horizon, The Unwritten Passage, The Scriptures Foretold, Skip Step 2, Turian Death Machine

I've also contributed to Fight The Tornado's debut EP!
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