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Songwriting / Composition

Benefit from my 15 years of compositional experience in many diverse genres including electronics, metal and orchestral music.


Orchestration / Production

Let's work together to take your music to the next level, by adding additional layers to support your message. Together we'll ensure therefore that the finished product lives up to your expectations!


Session Musician

Whether in the studio or on the stage, I am available to fill out your soundscapes. I have a home studio and years of experience with my respective instruments. I'm also available for live gigs. View my hardware and software capabilities here.


Hardware / Software Advice

Technical challenges? No problem, we'll work together to find a cost effective and efficient solution to overcome the obstacle. I've made numerous mistakes in this area over the years and I'm keen to help you learn from these!


Reviewing / Critiquing 

Got a piece of music that you're stuck with and unsure how to progress? Wondering whether your lyrics and music are working in harmony with each other? Let me take a listen and give you some constructive feedback.


Productivity / Workflow

I can help you develop a system that will help you generate your best work efficiently and effectively.


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Guitars: Red Layer Guitars Juggernaut Vortex-8 // Schecter Hellraiser-6 // Schecter Omen-7 // Schecter Damian 8 // Unbranded Flying-V - Alexi Laiho  // ESP LTD B-206SM


Keyboards: Komplete Kontrol S61 // Yamaha PSR1000 // Korg Triton Extreme 88 keys // Korg X50 // Roland JD-XI // Roland AX-Synth 


Amps: Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX II XL+ // Roland KC60


Speakers: KRK Rokit 4


Pedals: Korg Pitchblack // Digitech Whammy DT // Maxon OD808 // Keeley Compressor // MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay // ISP Decimator G-String // MXR KFK 10 band EQ // Boss NS2 // Boss Loopstation // TC Electronic Mimiq Doubler


Interfaces: Mackie ProFx3 12 Channel Mixer // Focusrite Scarlet 2x2 // M-Audio Midiman Anniversary Edition 4x4


Miscellenaous: Fractal Audio System MFC-101



DAW: Cakewalk // Cubase


Plugin Management: Vienna Ensemble Pro


Virtual Instruments: Native Instruments Komplete 12 Ultimate /// Spectrasonics Omnisphere II // Refx Nexus III // Xfer Serum // Heavyocity Damage 2,  Mosiac Bass, Mosaic Voices, Novo Essentials, Synthetic Strings // EastWest Composer Cloud Gloud // Fluffy Audio Dominus Choir // Strezov Jade Ethnic Orchestra, Balkan Ethnic Orchestra // Spitfire Audio British Drama Toolkit, EDNA, Discover, Orchestral Grand Piano, Labs // Solemn Tones Loki II, Odin // Ez Drummer 2 / Superior Drummer III, Death and Darkness, Orchestral Percussion // UVI World Suite II, Synth Anthology III/ //  and many many more!


FX Plugins: Fab Filter Suite // Izotope Vocal Synth, Doubler, Elements IX // JST Bus Glue, Howard Benson Vocals // Waves Horizon V12 // any many many more!


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